During the past few months, we have been working around the clock to create a master plan encompassing all aspects of safely opening our doors to a much-awaited summer season.

A meticulously planned opening approach has been tailored by our team of experts in the field of sanitization and hygiene following advice from top infectious disease medical professionals. Thorough hygiene and high safety standards have always been an inextricable part of the resort’s philosophy for the quintessential Daios experience on holiday. Our aim is to exceed our guest’s expectations by seamlessly combining exceptional service with uncompromising attention to safety.




Q: Can I change my reservation? Will there be any charges if I move my booking to 2021?

A: We are happy to assist you with the modification of any existing reservation. In order to ensure the best experience for you, the 2021 accommodation prices remain the same as in 2020. This means that you can easily move your booking to 2021 with the same rates and conditions for the same period.

Q: What happens if the hotel temporarily closes just before I arrive?

A: Although we take every precaution to prevent any incident in resort, you will be immediately be contacted through our reservations department or travel advisor you booked through, in the instance of an outbreak requiring a temporary closure.



Q: What measures are in place for the health of drivers and guests? How often are cars and minibuses cleaned?

A: For transfers arranged through travel experts, safety protocols outlined by the Greek governmental authorities are applied. Training indicates the use of personal protective equipment (PPE). Our drivers have hand sanitizers available in the car at all times, both for themselves and for guests. Each vehicle is rigorously sanitized after each use.

Q: Which safety procedures are followed for transfers arranged directly with the resort?

A: For transfers arranged directly by Daios Cove, only guests in the same room travel together per car or minibus. Cars and minibuses are rigorously sanitized after each use. Baby and kiddie seats are provided upon request, thoroughly cleaned and sanitized after each use.


Q: How do you handle seating in public areas such as restaurants, bars, lounge, beach, pool?

A: All public spaces have reduced seating and adhere to the required safe spacing between tables. In order to ensure safe spacing at all dining venues, reservations are made via the Daios Cove mobile app or by phone to Guest Relations.

Q: Is there outdoor space in all your restaurants?

A: Al fresco dining in nature has always been a huge part of the Daios Cove experience and it remains so. All dining venues have ample outdoor space where safe spacing is ensured with reduced seating.

Q: What safety and contactless procedures do you have in place in public spaces?

A: Menus for all dining venues are available in digital form via the Daios Cove Mobile App as well as onsite. Equipment and POS machines are disinfected after each use including all high-touch surfaces. On the beach in particular, safe spacing measures are adhered to between sunbed sets with disinfection of sunbeds, loungers and other equipment after each use. Our team members are all highly trained and certified in Covid-safe procedures and equipped with full PPE changed regularly.


Q: Can I use the outdoor pools?

A: All outdoor pools are in use and chlorinated, using sea water to enhance our hygiene protocol. Furthermore, we follow European Union procedures and guidelines for proper operation, maintenance, and disinfection.


The required safe spacing measures are applied between parasols and loungers with regular disinfection of sunbeds, loungers and equipment after each use.  Thorough water quality checks are performed on our heated sea water chlorinated pool according to WHO guidelines.


Rigorous water testing and cleansing are conducted for maximum water efficiency. Thorough water quality checks are performed on our sea water chlorinated pools according to WHO guidelines.

The indoor pools at the GOCO SPA are not in use.


Q: What safety procedures are in place at the beach?

A: All the required safe spacing measures between sunbed sets are in place with regular disinfection of sunbeds, loungers and equipment after each use.  All team members are trained in Covid-safe procedures and equipped with full PPE changed on a regular basis. The menu at The Beach House is available in digital form via the Daios Cove mobile app or on site.


Q: Can I book a spa treatment?

A: We take bookings for facial and body treaments, as well as massages. In order to guarantee hygiene standards, we have a 30-minute allowance gap between treatments for sanitation of treatment cabin.

Q: How do therapists disinfect their hands?

A: All therapists wash their hands thoroughly and disinfect all materials used before, during and after a service. As standard practice, all staff members are trained to follow personal hygiene habits, required by state and local public health departments. In addition, we have implemented heightened cleaning regimens (including the use of disinfectants known to work on similar viruses to the novel coronavirus), increased health-related signage and have added hand sanitizer to all service rooms.

Q: How are the hair salon and mani / pedi sites cleaned?

A: Facilities are sanitized daily whilst we implement mid-day and mid-afternoon disinfections as a precaution. We wash all equipment with soap and hot water and use boiling water for 20 minutes on a rolling boil. This procedure includes placing equipment in alcohol for 30 minutes for sterilization prior to storing.


Q: Can I use the fitness centre? Will you have wellness workouts available?

A:  The fitness centre is in operation and pre-booking is required to ensure safe spacing.  Operating hours are 7.00 – 12.00, 16.00 – 19.00. Full sanitation of all gym equipment takes place after each use as well as a daily deep sterilization with sanitation stations for guests. Fitness programmes are designed by BXR London, as well as yoga and pilates classes and wellness workouts outdoors with full hygiene standards in place.



Q: How is a room sanitized prior to an arrival?

A: Thorough cleaning and aerial disinfection of all rooms, suites and villas take place prior to each arrival. The housekeeping team offers deep cleaning of all rooms, suites and villas with full sanitation of high-contact surfaces - door handles, fittings, telephone, electrical equipment, switches and bathroom accessories. The A/C filters, air ducts and screens are rigorously disinfected, and air quality and water tested for optimum levels.

Q: How does the housekeeping service work? Is there an afternoon turndown service?

A: In order to minimize physical contact following safe spacing protocols, housekeeping cleaning services are scheduled according to guest’s preferences.


Q: How often is linen changed?

A: In order to minimize physical contact following safe spacing protocols, all linen and towels are changed every second day according to our hygiene protocol unless otherwise requested by the guest.

Q: How are linen and towels washed, disinfected and managed within the hotel?

A: Our partners are institutional and hotel laundry cleaning experts with 50 years of experience, offering cleaning and sanitation processes with quality results following Management System EN ISO 9001: 2008 in line with industrial laundries. Procedures include maintaining a high standard of quality linen, meeting hospitality requirements through strict infection control policies, testing wash formulas regularly, utilizing modern computer tracking and recording of laundry data including the measuring of cleaned linen and implementing equipment upgrades, updates and preventative maintenance. We have adopted high temperature principle washing, to thermally disinfect linen preventing cross-infection. Wash temperatures of 65 to 70°C are adequate to thermally disinfect laundry. In some cases, when dealing with delicate fabrics and personal garments the wash temperature is reduced to 40°C.



Q: Are there any special services when booking a Family Villa or a Premium Suite?

A: These services have been designed with children and parents in mind to ensure an unforgettable family holiday experience.


  • Children’s welcome gift
  • Child-sized bathrobe and slippers
  • Baby bathroom amenities
  • Outdoor activities for children aging 4 to 12 years old from 10.30 to 13.30 and from 18.00 to 22.00.
  • Free use of Tennis Court (morning hours), free rackets and balls
  • Mother’s back & neck massage by Anne Semonin

  • Pool fencing and staircase fence
  • Baby intercom monitor
  • Bottle warmer / sterilizer, kettle
  • Baby bath / changer
  • High-chair
  • Stroller
  • Toilet seat, baby potty
  • Food set
  • Stool for wash basin

    Q: How will the Creche and Kids’ Club operate? Do you offer babysitting services?

    A: Babysitting services will be available, taking all precautionary measures, using all protective equipment and regular sanitization. Outdoor activities on Kids’ Club premises will take place for children aged 4 to 12 years old from 10.00 to 13.00 and from 18.00 to 22.00.

    The Creche Club and Games Room will not operate in 2020.



    Q: How is food cleansed and washed? How is food stored and handled?

    A: Our resort enforces the safety management requirements in food & beverage processing and serving. HACCP is a management system in which food safety is addressed through the analysis and control of biological, chemical, and physical hazards from raw material production, procurement and handling, to manufacturing, distribution and consumption of the finished product. The resort complies with all HACCP directives and protocols.

    Q: What measures do you take to disinfect food production & preparation sites?

    A: Cleaning and Disinfection within the food preparation sites is a core part of our activities and considered a pre-requisite for the HACCP plan. Our cleaning schedule provides full details including what is to be cleaned, the materials to be used, the frequency and cleaning method to be used, the standard expected, safety precautions, employees responsible for cleaning, monitoring and recording of the cleaning operation as well as validation of efficacy.


    Q: Is there a doctor on site? What is the procedure if a guest has coronavirus-like symptoms?

    A: A 24-hour doctor on call service is available in resort. In case of a guest reporting or observed with coronavirus-like symptoms, the guest will be instructed to stay in their room until medical services arrive, while Government authorities will be immediately informed. Furthermore, a detailed updated Prevention of Spread Infection (POSI) procedure is applied on site immediately along with instructions.

    Q: Once I check in at Daios Cove and another guest is diagnosed with coronavirus, what kind of help/support can I expect from the hotel?

    A: A guest reporting or observed with coronavirus-like symptoms will be provided with PPE immediately as well as instructions for self-isolation in their room until medical services arrive and Government authorities immediately informed. There are also non-invasive, contactless temperature checks available in a designated testing area of the resort and a doctor for onsite visits 24/7. The resort has a partnership with expert professionals at the Creta Interclinic medical centre and a detailed updated Prevention of Spread Infection (POSI) procedure is applied on property including a coronavirus protocol.

    Q: Is there a private medical centre available on the island?

    A: Yes, there is. Daios Cove has partnered with the Interclinic medical centre offering certified medical services. Interclinic is an established private company providing advanced medical assistance on the island of Crete with a private hospital and ambulances fully equipped for all medical emergencies. With exceptional patient-focused assistance 24/7, the company’s multilingual team of expert doctors and medical staff are on hand for in-resort visits.


    Q: What procedures do you have in place for the health and safety of staff? Do you conduct temperature checks? Are there any protocols before hiring and monitoring staff on a daily basis?

    A: Testing with non-invasive, touchless thermal imaging for temperature measurement is conducted on arrival for work. If a member of staff has a temperature, they will be sent home to rest and follow up calls will be made to monitor development. A Hotel General Practitioner keeps track of all employees according to Greek labor law requiring physical examination and performing random checks and training monthly.

    Q: What kind of health and safety training has your staff received?

    A: All team members have been trained and certified in additional safety procedures by the Medical School of Crete as well as the enhanced hygiene protocol implemented by TUV Hellas (TUV Nord Group). The use of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is mandatory for staff as well as thorough sanitation measures. Secure service is ensured through limited physical contact between team members at all times. Furthermore, testing is conducted with non-invasive, touchless, thermal imaging for temperature measurement by Mobotix.



    Q: How can I view the menus prior and during my stay?

    A: While face-to-face interactions may be more limited, we remain as connected as ever. Digital menus are available on the mobile app, replacing the printed in-room documents. The enhanced Daios Mobile App allows guests to manage their stay from the comfort of a mobile phone. From call-a-club car service to restaurant reservations and ideas to explore the island, the Daios Mobile App provides all the information you need for a safe, contactless stay.


    Q: Do I have to wear a mask in the resort areas or in any specific facility?

    A: Wearing a mask and any protective materials is optional across the resort for guests.

    Q: How do you handle cash payments in dining and shopping outlets?

    A: Guests may charge their room for any consumption by simply using their room their key card. Those who prefer to pay in cash in any outlet should be diligent about washing their hands immediately before and after the transaction. Our employees wear disposable gloves that are replaced regularly.

    Q: What time is check-in and check-out?

    A: Guest check-in is at 3pm and check-out by 11am allowing for the necessary time to sanitize accommodation. Check-in and check-out times are adapted to ensure safe spacing of guests with the housekeeping teams.

    Q: How can I move around the resort?

    A: We offer a 24h club car service. You can call the reception or use the Daios Cove Mobile App to request a transfer. Funicular and elevator measures allow for 2 guests at a time or family travelling together. Buttons inside and outside the elevators regularly are sanitized with hand sanitation stations available.


    Q: If I am the only infected person in my family, is a test necessary for all other members?

    A: The person experiencing symptoms is required to be tested. Further information and guidance regarding the other family members will be provided by the doctor and official health authorities monitoring the situation.

    Q: If one family member tests positive for Covid-19 and other family members test negative are they allowed to return home?

    A: Yes, of course. The person tested positive is required to fulfil quarantine of 14 days.

    Q: How long is the quarantine period?

    A: For any guest testing positive, the duration of quarantine is 14 days and must be strictly carried out in a designated room within the resort.

    Q: If my medical condition deteriorates during quarantine, is there adequate medical infrastructure on the island for hospitalization?

    A: If a guest tests positive for Covid-19, the official medical authorities are notified immediately to monitor the situation in cooperation with the on-call Covid-trained and certified doctor who originally examined the guest. The island of Crete has experienced cases of Covid-19 and the hospitals and private clinics throughout the island are fully equipped and highly trained in such conditions. Daios Cove directly cooperates with Creta Interclinic, offering exceptional patient-focused assistance 24/7 with a multilingual team of expert doctors and medical staff on hand for in-resort visits.

    Q: If I or any of my family need to self-isolate, does this carry an extra cost? 

    A:  In the instance where self-isolation is deemed necessary by the official health authorities and this period exceeds the guest’s booking dates, the resort is able to provide accommodation at a reduced rate to the guest.

    Q: If I am experiencing symptoms, do I have to pay for a Covid-19 test?

    A: A test will be necessary at the guest’s expense, costing approximately 150 Euros, the fixed cost of a Covid-19 test by the official health authorities.


    Q: Will I be allowed to travel?

    A: All travelers should check the information provided by the European Union Aviation Agency (EASA) as well as the list of designated countries allowed to travel to Greece. There are currently 29 countries so far granted the right to travel and undergo random testing. Travelers from countries not included in the designated list by EASA or arriving from high-risk airports or affected areas by the novel coronavirus undergo compulsory testing and quarantine, regardless of nationality. Further restrictions are constantly updated and announced by EASA.

    Q: Must I provide any health documentation at check-in?

    A: It is recommended that you are tested within 72 hours of your arrival and provide certification if requested by the medical authorities.

    At Daios Cove, we are continuously monitoring the development of the COVID-19 outbreak as the well-being, health and safety of our staff and guests is our top priority.

    We fully comply with the guidelines of competent health authorities and have put  preventative measures in place to reduce the spread of COVID-19. Guests are requested to take self-protective measures and adhere to the relevant regulations to minimize any exposure to the virus. Daios Cove does not accept any liability and guests agree to withhold Daios Cove from any claims of any kind arising out of COVID-19 spread / infection / exposure.

    Looking forward to welcoming our guests safely and with care for a holiday in the stunning natural environment of our cove.